Data analysis, research and evaluation

Participatory and engaging evaluations to improve systems and collective action

We understand interventions can be complex and multi-faceted; we also want to ensure evaluation and research doesn't sit on a shelf. We work to develop an evaluation approach that includes implementers, funders, and beneficiaries to get a holistic picture of what is happening.

We have supported research, evaluation, and monitoring efforts in health, social services, and other public goods-oriented spaces, for small non-profits and consortia as well as regional groups and governments.

Data analysis and visualizations

Data analysis should be rigorous, reproducible, and actionable. We prefer open source analysis and reporting tools like R and Python, but can also do work in SPSS, Stata, and Excel. Data collection isn't a specialized area for most folks, and we are comfortable assessing data quality, recommending future improvements, yet working with what you have.

Once analysis is done, we work with clients to interpret results to tell accurate yet compelling stories.